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Please update your bookmarks, I’ve gone wordpress-dot-org

April 5, 2010

As part of my ongoing plans to experiment with how things work, I’ve sprung for a hosting package and moved my blog to be hosted directly within my domain so this blog is now on All posts have (eventually) been migrated and over the next few weeks I’m sure I’ll work out how gadgets and plugins work as well.

In case its of interest, here’s my migration to-do list

  • Setup hosting account [done]
  • Point existing domain to hosting account [done]
  • Install WordPress [done]
  • Migrate old entries [done, had to run through WordPress Export / Import process a few times to get all entries, not sure why but it does not create repeats so alls well that ends well]
  • Install preferred theme [done, theme is Titan, although the version is less configurable than version, might need more research]
  • Post last entry on site [done]
  • Install widgets / plugins to get theme looking as I want it to
  • Update Twitterfeed to publish to Twitter from new RSS feed
  • Update my Yahoo pipe consolidated RSS stream which feeds Facebook notes

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