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Silly project

July 19, 2009

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that whenever I use specific hashtags on twitter, my tweets get retweeted. I wanted to see if I could work out how to do this and so I set myself a little project, here’s what I did…

Keeping track of silliness on twitter

  • Created a new twitter account, sillysillyson
  • Search for the word “silly”
  • Copied the RSS feed for the search (found at the bottom of the right hand column)
  • Created a twitterfeed account for sillysillyson
  • Using the RSS feed as the source, created a twitterfeed that will pickup every mention of the world silly and post it to sillysillyson’s twitter feed

One thing I noticed is that twitterfeeds maximum ‘speed’ is to post 5 entries every half hour.  This means that I will surely miss some silliness. Is there a better way of doing this? Also – I’d like to include the twitter username of the tweeter in sillysillyson’s tweet. I have a suspicion I can do this using Yahoo pipes to manipulate the RSS feed but haven’t managed to work it out yet.

Uhm, that’s about it really. It was just a little experiment for me to see how it all worked. Any help with the ‘issues’ above would be appreciated.


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