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Will you be leaving Microsoft for Google?

July 10, 2009

There have been a number of Google announcements in the past few weeks of interest:

That’s all in the last week or so. If we look back to the past few months, there are a few other things that are interesting:

  • Google announced an online collaboration platform, Google Wave (May 2009)
  • Google is resurrecting efforts on Google Voice (March 2009)
  • Google launched Chrome, a browser (December 2008)

Individually, each of these things is interesting and has generated a lot of online column space. Collectively, it leads to me think that there’s moves afoot in Mountain View to consolidate online services into a saleable bundle.

I would suspect that for most people the collective offering of Google Apps and Google Mail bundled on top of a Google OS and a Google browser would meet most, if not all, of their day-to-day needs. Perhaps Google think that millions and millions of small business don’t need the extent of MS’s Exchange and Office platforms and there’s a market to sell a bundled, largely online, end-to-end package?

In these troubled times everyone should be sweating their assets.

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Updated 17/07 with some extra links

The evidence seems to be mounting.


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  1. Manoj Lona permalink

    So perhaps one day will come when all you would need is an IBM 3270 and a decent internet connection. :-).

    Google is an amazing search engine. MS tried in vain to kill it off with Live Search. When that failed they tried to take over Yahoo and they are still pursuing that.

    Now it is Google’s turn to counter-punch. I do not think anyone at Google really thinks Chrome OS will succeed in killing off Windows, mainly because big corporates won’t switch off their webfarms or datacentres to go Chrome for various reasons, not just the security issues involved.

    If one day Microsoft comes up with a search engine that is cleverer than Google it will mark the end for Google. I think the chances for that to happen are greater than Chrome OS & Google Docs killing off Microsoft.

  2. daverein permalink

    Heya. I agree, I think Chrome OS is about creating an end-to-end platform rather than looking to kill Windows/MS. I don’t think the market dynamics provide the opportunity to kill off MS, or even to outplay MS in the enterprise apps market entirely. That said, there is money to be made in the mid-market though – particularly if Google can work out a pricing model that makes them significantly cheaper than MS. And for Google, the investment is not massive as most of the tools are already developed.

    MS’s search tools are catching up. Bing is starting to attract significant traffic ( so perhaps Google are starting look for significant revenue streams beyond search advertising.

    Don’t know if 3270 is the best platform (!) but I think Google’s vision is that most people just need a device and an internet connection and they’ll provide the rest.

  3. Dave, nice article.
    What do you think is going to happen to the likes of Ubuntu and other OS distros especially in the Netbook market where Linux is making big strides.

    I think Chrome OS is probably going to take more market share away from ‘typical’ OSS players rather than M$

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